Wedding Insurance or No Wedding Insurance

I hear you say we have made all the plans and what can go wrong. Well I myself know because I broke my arm just 6 weeks before my own Wedding, had it been any closer, I maybe would not have been able to participate in my own Wedding, or it could just be bad luck which could cause a problem for your Wedding Day. Also given the current state of the economy can you really afford to loose any part of the investment that you have made for your Wedding Day, just imagine if for instance the company that owned the Wedding Venue went bust or your Wedding Caterer had gone into liquidation, how you would feel?

Wedding Insurance is a special contract that you can make with an insurance company, in which they agree to cover certain unexpected costs which may arise prior to your Wedding Day, or maybe even on the day itself. With Wedding Insurance a number of things can be covered, including cancellation of the Wedding, damage to the Wedding Dress and can also include the theft of Wedding Gifts.

Wedding Insurance provides you, you and your spouse to be, and the entire wedding party with peace of mind of knowing that, no matter what happens, you are covered.
A large number of policies can also include multi-day coverage so that you can be sure that all wedding events are covered, including the rehearsal dinner, the actual Wedding Ceremony and the Wedding Reception and can even include a next day brunch event.

Wedding Insurance for example; can cover postponement of your wedding due to the bride or groom suddenly being called to military duty or it could be a last-minute corporate move or even an injury or accident that would prevent you from attending your Wedding Day Celebrations. Wedding Insurance has been around for years in the UK and the US, but it’s still fairly new in Australia. Given that we now spend as much, if not more, on a wedding as we do on our cars or even on a house deposit, it can really make sense to protect your investment.
Wedding Insurance policies provide a variety of cover options for many events that could influence the best laid plans of any Wedding Day. The couple cannot manage everything no matter how well they plan their wedding.

As a rule of thumb, Wedding Insurance covers liabilities and losses that arise from mishaps which are generally beyond the bride and groom’s control. Typically the cost for Wedding Insurance range from £40 to over £500 dependent on the amount of liability cover you wish to purchase and the specific items and services that you choose to protect against potential loss or damage.

Wedding Insurance is not just for lavish, overseas or very large weddings. The prudent bride on a tight budget who would otherwise be unable to replace a lost or stolen wedding gown might choose to insure just her Wedding Dress. Wedding Insurance does not have to be expensive, but not taking out Wedding Insurance may very well cost a good deal more.

Wedding Insurance has proved to be popular in the UK for several years. With approximately 300,000 people in the UK getting married each year and with an average spend of £15,000. Wedding Insurance should be a must.  After all, you would buy insurance for a car that costs as much, so why not have Insurance for your Wedding? Wedding Insurance ensures that each aspect of your Wedding Day are covered financially in the event of an unexpected disaster or event.

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September 8, 1973

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